Jonathan Blow Discusses the "WoW Drug"

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Blowing smoke, or is he on to something?

World of Warcraft is bad for us as a society. At least, that's what Jonathan Blow, creator of 2006 IGF Design Innovation award winner Braid, believes. He discusses the creation of more meaningful games and his take on the nature of WoW in this intriguing Gamasutra article.

Blow believes that according to WoW, the game's rules are its meaning of life. "The meaning of life in WoW is youÂ’re some schmo that doesnÂ’t have anything better to do than sit around pressing a button and killing imaginary monsters," he explained. "It doesnÂ’t matter if youÂ’re smart or how adept you are, itÂ’s just how much time you sink in. You donÂ’t need to do anything exceptional, you just need to run the treadmill like everyone else."

Read the full article at Gamasutra and then share your thoughts.

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