Guide to Eloh Vale Temples

No Praying Required By: Taea

No Praying Required

By: Taea

Finding and obtaining the location of the hidden Eloh Vale is your primary focus while adventuring through Concordia Palisades. The Eloh Vale Map Keystone can be found inside one of the Eloh Temples, and all your hard work in gaining trust with the Wardens has paid off. It's time to enter the Temples, Soldier! Are you prepared for the 3 trials that lie ahead?

Temple of the Bowed Patriarch

Entry to this Temple requires completion of Proven Commitment, which begins with Watchman Hillenmeyer near Lake Elinor. Humbly approach Warden Tyne outside the Temple of the Bowed Patriarch at -721,189,49. Inside this sacred place, your spirit will be tested. Run down the cave path and enter the Temple instance. Utilize the nearby shaman to repair your equipment, and buy any supplies you may need. Speak to the Eloh hologram, who informs you of a choice you must make. Save the child who has no experience or honor to his name, or save the chieftain with experience and leadership, but little time left in this life. The next room has hovering platforms to maneuver across. Run and jump is your friend, and don't slip up as a fall off the platforms will drop you down to a mission failure. Never fear, however, because the Warden has followed you inside the instance and is available to offer the mission again if needed. The correct choice here is Save the Child, Save the Mission. Once inside, head to the right (remember, jump jump jump!) where the child waits for you on a platform. There are plenty of enemies in your way, so watch your back. Toss that wayward kid into your pack, and use the waypoint to return to the Eloh Hologram. You made the right decision! Speak to Warden Tyne for your reward of 2700 credits and choice of a weapon.

Temple of the Proud Patriarch

NOTE: This instance does allow group members to enter together, however it should be completed solo. Group members tend to mess it up for each other . This Temple requires completion of Proven Conservation, which begins with Ranger Urialia at Viands Village. Begin with Warden Ebra -700,194,-89, who gives you permission to enter the Temple of the Proud Patriarch. Inside you will find a Shaman for repairs and purchases, and another Eloh Hologram. This Temple is a test of the mind, so stow your weapons and pay attention carefully. As you enter the first room, you'll jump to a cut-scene showing a pattern of glowing platforms. You need to walk across each platform in order, as touching the wrong platform will end in mission failure. The pattern is roughly a star shape, and we've included a screenshot showing the correct order. The floor in between the platforms is solid, so use it to travel amongst them. Successfully complete the pattern and speak to the Eloh Hologram for Part 2.

The next room has 3 obelisks guarding 3 doorways, and each is inscribed with a message written in the language of the Logos. Find the truth amongst the lies, which in this case is the western obelisk that speaks of healing the planet's spirit. Take the doorway behind this obelisk to complete this trial, and prove yourself worthy to the Eloh Hologram. Use the waypoint to return to the entrance and speak with Warden Ebra for your reward.

Temple of the Raging Patriarch

NOTE: This instance is very difficult, beyond what you have seen in the previous Temples. A group of 3 or more is highly recommended. This Temple requires completion of Proven Justice, which begins with Ranger Kogari at Hightower Outpost. Speak to Warden Chicara outside the Temple of the Raging Patriarch at -440,188, 59, and then head inside. Visit the Shaman for repairs and supplies; you're going to need them for the fights ahead. The Eloh Hologram tells you of 3 trials you will face. Enter the first room, step on to the center circle and kill whatever comes at you. Do not leave this circle or you will fail. However, any group members that do not need to complete this mission can leave the circle, taking on the enemy before they reach you at the center. If a group member dies, they can be rez'd inside the room and will still receive credit. If you're alive after 4 minutes, you can progress to Part 2.

NOTE: All group members must proceed together while moving through the rooms. If anyone falls too far behind, the door may lock someone out and cause a failure. Thanks, Randmer!

The next room is your basic CP defense mission. Run to the center and acquire the control point, and prepare for the onslaught. You may leave the circle to kill the enemy, but do not leave the CP undefended. We found EMP bombs placed regularly around the center area very helpful in keeping the waves of holographic Bane away from the control point. If you can successfully hold the CP for 4 minutes, you move on to Part 3.

This final trial is an assault mission. As soon as you enter the room, you will be attacked from all sides. Your goal is to the capture and acquire the center CP from the enemy, and you only have 2 minutes to do it. In our group, one person ran right to the center and began attempting to acquire the control point, while the other group members did what they could to take out the enemy. Plenty of annoying snipers will be all around the higher level catwalks trying to target you. If you are lucky and don't get too many interrupts, you can finish this trial quickly. As soon as the CP is taken, the mission will update and you can run north out of the room, leaving the remaining enemy behind. Speak to the Eloh Hologram to receive your congratulations, and use the waypoint to return to the beginning. Warden Chicara waits inside to reward you with 3000 credits, and some goodies.

Temple of the Patriarch Protector

Upon completing the Bowed, Proud and Raging Temple instances, you will unlock the 4th and final path to obtaining the Eloh Vale Keystone. Run south around the mountain to Warden Mazul outside the Temple of the Patriarch Protector at -630, 189,-187. Your prior deeds have earned you the honor of exploring this final Temple to discover its secrets. Enter the Temple instance, where you are greeted by a giant Eloh Hologram. Knowledge and balance in mind, body and spirit are required in order to proceed with confidence. To the side of the Eloh Hologram you find a projector with key info to help you locate the hidden Eloh Vale. Exit the instance to the congratulations of Warden Mazul, who proudly gives you 2100 credits, and choice of a consumable. Congratulations! You have completed the Keystone portion of the Pieces of the Puzzle mission.

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