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Happy Seasonal Holiday Observance

Updated Wed, Dec 16, 2009 by Taea

Fresh from the Test server, we bring you an early look at the current Seasonal Holiday Observance (S.H.O.) offerings coming soon to a Live server near you! Even in time of war, and on foreign lands, we humans will find a way to celebrate S.H.O. AFS command has encouraged the merriment, and have installed Festive Seasonal Holiday Observance Flora (they may sound like Christmas trees, but they aren't) in the following locations:

  • Wilderness – Twin Pillars Outpost
  • Divide – Foreas Base
  • Palisades – Cumbria Research
  • Plateau – Fort Defiance
  • Pools – Snake Pit
  • Marshes – Paludos
  • Plains – Irendas Penal Colony
  • Incline – Plains Post
  • Mires – Baylor Base
  • Crucible – Fort Intrepid
  • Thunderhead – Thunderhead Base
  • Ashen Desert – Shadow’s Edge Post
  • Howling Maw – Gangus Outpost
  • Abyss – Tantalus Base
  • Descent – Fort Virgil

Sergeant Santa has even provided Secular Head Dressings (again, not a Christmas hat) for everyone. Walk up to your nearest Holiday Flora, "use" the tree, and find a pretty red cap to replace the helmet on your head. These fake fur, no-stat creations are not recommended for regular combat operations. Combine with a little Bane Blood Red armor dye, and you've got yourself a party.

Happy S.H.O. everyone!


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