WoW Wanted Poster Contest

Posted Mon, Sep 19, 2005 by Boomjack

Wanted! A Winning Poster.
Blizzard is holding a World of Warcraft Wanted Poster Contest. Martha Stewart dismissed any claims that she may be on one of the posters stating:

" Greetings, fellow Azerothians. We here at the RPSA bring you news of the direst nature. Criminals, ninja-looters, and raid wipers have been showing up in increased numbers all over the world. It's time someone did something about it, and we charge you, the adventurers of Azeroth, with that task! What we need are talented artists to create Wanted posters depicting their arch nemeses, kodo thieves, two-headed ninja-looters, or any monster or character that has otherwise gotten on their last nerve. "

You can read about the World of Warcraft Wanted Poster Contest at the Official Site.
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