Lineage II: The Kamael First Impressions Review

Checking out the new scenery on the Isle of Souls.

Players who have been holding off on trying out the world of Lineage II may now have a concrete reason to jump into the game. With NCsoft's release of the latest L2 expansion, a new race and starting area have been added to the game, making it a prime opportunity for new players to actually learn about the world side by side with experienced players. Cody "Micajah" Bye took notice of NCsoft's efforts to bring new players back into the world, so he sat down with the latest expansion and gave it a solid initial play-through. He's taken just enough time away from his play sessions to bring you his first impressions review, where he covers improvements to the new player experience, the new race, his initial foray into the wild, and more!

Stepping outside of the beginning "safe zone," I was greeted with hordes of new Kamael plowing through fields of starting monsters. It was a fairly impressive sight to behold. Due to Lineage II's focus on killing monsters rather than completing quests, the developers obviously made sure the areas around the new player starting gates were overflowing with creatures to kill.

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