Ultima Online Expansion Q&A at RPG Vault

Posted Wed, Sep 21, 2005 by Ethec

Will "Mondain's Legacy" enliven UO's mundane legacy?

The honorable, eight-year-old granddaddy of MMOs, Ultima Online, recently got a kick in the pants with the recent "Mondain's Legacy" expansion. A handful of developers and designers sat down with RPG Vault to detail its new features.

I think all aspects of Mondain's Legacy were influenced by the community in some form or another. That's a big reason why this expansion has so many different types of things to do. Because our community has lots of different likes and dislikes, we spent many hours trying to best fit community requests into a realistic production schedule.

The hardest part of game development is limiting the number of implemented designs in order fulfill a realistic goal. There are many more things we'd really like to do, but we have to prioritize what we can do within the necessary constraints.

Read through this lengthy UO Q&A at RPG Vault, if you wanna.

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