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Posted Thu, Sep 22, 2005 by Boomjack

A chronicle of the The Chronicle. has posted a developer written preview of The Chronicle. The preview focuses on the battle system and specifically on the opportunity subsystem of combat. Vin Diesel, the master of combat and of opportunity flexed the muscles in his eyelids and roared:

" I attack you and hit for 22 damage. You attack me and hit for 17 damage. I attack you and miss. You attack me and critically hit for 34 damage. I attack you…
Does the above exchange sound familiar? It probably does, because that’s the way combat works in just about every MMORPG on the market today. In reality, combat is a complex dance of subtle maneuvers, split-second perceptions, and exploiting opportunities, which is why most RPG battles seem so sterile and monotonous by contrast. It’s tough to get excited about a match of dueling calculators, but one of the things The Chronicle is attempting to do is add a new dimension to RPG style combat, putting more emphasis on strategy and timing than just clicking auto attack to find out who has the best damage per second and hit points."

You can read the The Chronicle Preview at
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