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Posted Thu, Sep 22, 2005 by Boomjack

Camaros with Cannons!
The Official Auto Assault site has updated the recon section with a second look at loot. Brad Pitt denied that his latest movie was a bomb, citing the following:

"Traders have often
remarked about the sheer variety of items and useful pieces
of equipment found in the Central Wastelands, whether from
the ruins of an ancient pre-apocalyptic city, deep in the
stomach of a particularly nasty Crawler, or strewn from
the wreckage of a Pike Duster. In fact, the wide assortment
of resources, weapons, components, and other materials available
for exploitation in the Central Wastelands theoretically
approaches infinity. A Loot research study funded by Sledge's
Stop ‘n Shop in Scrap Valley estimates that there are billions of unique objects in the Central Wastelands alone. Although most items are quite common – it is not unknown to come across an extremely rare, valuable find. "

You can read the entire Auto Assault Recon Update at The Official Site.
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