LotRO Concept Art

Posted Fri, Sep 23, 2005 by Boomjack

Pictures that won't look anything like the final product.
Turbine has posted some Lord of the Rings Online concept art for you viewing pleasure. The picture today is what that girl you met last night looks like when you sober up, otherwise known as the Gothorog. Elijah Wood was too busy eating second breakfast to speak to us, but his agent was kind enough to tell us:

" In the early days of Angmar, the Witch-king sent forces North to "collect" the remnants of an evil race that was long believed destroyed, but which Sauron's far-seeing eye spied in the ruins of the Northern Waste. These ancient creatures were few in number but great in strength; of Troll-kind but far more cunning, and exceedingly cruel. The name given them was Gorthorog. "

You can view the Lord of the Rings Online Concept Art at the Official Site.
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