Horizons Interview at GamersInfo

Posted Mon, Sep 26, 2005 by Boomjack

Dragon their butts to another interview.
GamersInfo has posted a Horizons interview featuring Roger Hantz. Hank of Corner Gas was once asked if enjoyed serving nachos to bingo mommas. His reply went nothing like this:

" Roger "Rawdge" Hantz joined the Tulga team last year and has had a hand in helping to stabilize the online world of Horizons and solidify the content since his first days on the job. As a Content and System Designer, Roger is responsible for breaking down each item/program to be placed in the game, planning its development cycle and then implementing that cycle. Without him, there would be no path to follow. A die-hard fan of the game, Roger is unique in that he brings to the team a player's perspective. Along with that, he has a talent for writing. Once certain areas of the game stabilize he can help flesh out the long-requested lore. "

You can read the entire Horizons Interview at GamersInfo.
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