World of Warcraft 1.8 Patch Notes

Posted Fri, Sep 30, 2005 by Boomjack

Patch Notes - Go Druids.
Blizzard has put the 1.8 patch for World of Warcraft live on their public Test Server. This is your opportunity to check it out first-hand and then rush to the official forums to complain and moan about it. Druids get a huge revamp that is sure to have 50% of the community screaming that they need a nerf and the other 50% screaming that they need to get buffed. Hey, at least druids can shapeshift into a giant chicken now. I await the KFC instance where they are dipped in a secret recipe of spices and fried for the rest of the raid.

" The test realm patch notes only apply to features that exist on the public test realms. We provide these patch notes to players who wish to know what features and changes exist in the test environment in order to more effectively test these features. "

You can read the 1.8 World of Warcraft Patch Notes at the Official Site.
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