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Posted Tue, Oct 04, 2005 by Ethec

Developer's Blog, Stardate 9302005
Since we haven't covered the Star Trek Online blog entries in a little while, I thought I ought to see what's going on with every Trekkie's dream. Comments on game economy hint at a very deep and varied player "things to do" palette, and the Perpetual team is building its first starship. Oh, and if the internet feels a little slow this morning, it might be because of a nerd stampede: Perpetual just announced that they're looking for someone to "compile and catalog visual reference material from the web and other sources."

"Ian is making great progress on our client engine and we're starting to
see early examples of our real-time graphics. My short remark here
doesn't begin to pay tribute to the significance of this piece of
progress. We should be flying a camera around some sample interiors
soon and having a character walking around is not too far off either."

View the full Star Trek Online blog entries at the STO official site.
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