CoV Brute Walkthrough

Posted Thu, Oct 06, 2005 by Boomjack

Unhand me you brute!
NCSoft has posted a walkthrough of the "Brute" that will appear in their upcoming title, City of Villains. Andre The Giant, known for his brute force tactics did not have this to say:

"Despite the potentially dangerous side effects, Karl spent weeks
developing a specific formula to fulfill his totemic destiny.  Finally perfecting the formula, Karl retreated to his uncle’s mansion and injected the specially prepared wolf serum into his own arm.  Expecting an epiphany of joy at being reunited with the animal he believed he shared a blood pact with, Karl was horrified by the rage and anger that swept through him.  Every ounce of inner anger, insecurity, and self-hatred was funneled through the inhuman cravings that swept his trembling body.  Feeling himself filling with strength yet overwhelmed by intense pain and unnatural, violent urges, he collapsed onto the floor. " 

You can read the entire Brute Walkthrough for City of Villains at the Official Site.
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