IGN Reviews WoW "RP-PvP" Ruleset Servers

Posted Thu, Oct 06, 2005 by Ethec

IGN Reviews WoW "RP-PvP" Ruleset Servers
Consider it a "no tresspassing" sign for brats, morons, and their ilk.
IGN takes a look at what makes a WoW roleplaying server a nice alternative to the gank-a-rific flame-fest that gave WoW PvP servers a skanky reputation. Arnold Schwarzenegger, after being terminated one too many times in Molten Core (and using his gubernatorial powers to have the perpetrators summarily executed), recently made the big switch. He quoted this excerpt from the article in a press conference:

"When it comes down to it, "RP" is more of a special tag that keeps out the jokers, letting those who play well with others do their thing without much hassle. In general, it seems to be a more mature crowd full of people who genuinely enjoy the game and enjoy socializing within it. I've been playing the game since closed beta in April last year (with a few gaps, mind you), and I've experienced my share of hair-pulling aggravation that only a dedicated asstard can generate, so it's nice to come across what looks like a fresh change of pace."

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