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Posted Fri, Oct 07, 2005 by Ethec

I just want to know if we'll see the insidious death devices with long timers that the hero invariably escapes from!
PvP zones in City of Villains, the stand-alone sequel to the comic bookish City of Heroes, will be handled in much the same way as in Dark Age of Camelot; you must be of a certain level to enter one of the 3 PvP zones. This and more goodies from "Zeb" Cook, producer of this very much anticipated year-ender.

"Q: What will prohibit an upper-level hero from going into one of these zones and just beating up on the lower-level villains? 
Zeb: 'We were very worried about that. One of the things we do is in all of the zones, they each have a bottom level, first off, so you can’t enter the zone until you are a certain level. So you will have at least a certain base-level in powers. And then what we do, once people are in the level, and it’s partially to deal with the high level versus the low level but it is also to deal with the broad range of characters versus the mobs that are in there, is that we sidekick and exemplar people all to the same level.

So if you go into Siren’s Call, you are going to be level 30, you are going to be functioning as a level 30 character. If you are below level 30, you will be brought up to that level; you are obviously not going to have all the powers. There are still going to be obvious advantages for the higher-level guy, but it’s going to be a much more even thing. And the other thing people really have to understand about PvP, and in a game like City of Heroes and City of Villains, is you want to find yourself a good team to go with.'"

What else will we see in City of Villains? It's time to click!


Prompted by fan reactions to comments made by Jack Emmert about City of Heroes at PAX East, Cryptic’s community manager responds.

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