Outrage Over CoH Changes

Posted Tue, Oct 11, 2005 by Boomjack

Superman with a nerf bat.
Boomtown is reporting on the outrage being shown by City of Heroes customers over the latest changes to the game. Over 3,000 posts have been dumped on the official forums so far. Stan Lee was unaware of the outcry and thanked us for letting him know just before slamming the door and saying the following:

"This weekend the City of Heroes developer Cryptic Studios unveiled yet
another nerf – a nerf that dwarfs all previous changes to the characters’ powers. This is the official explanation of the changes titled in the upcoming patch dubbed Enhancement Diversification.

“This is a new system being implemented into City of Villains and City of Heroes (when City of Villains launches) to promote the use of more different types of Enhancements in powers. Using a system of diminishing returns, when slotting the same type of Enhancement into a power, you will begin to see less effect of that Enhancement when the bonus reaches a certain threshold.” " 

You can read the entire City of Heroes Outrage Article at BoomTown.
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