WoW 1.8 Patch is Live

Posted Wed, Oct 12, 2005 by Boomjack

The new patch is here, and with it the moans and cries of 4 million players.
The new World of Warcraft Patch is out and about, weighing in at a mere 252 MB and calling itself version 1.8. Most notable of the many changes are the revamped Silithus zone for 60+ players, the Four Dragons outdoor raid zone and the talent revamp for druids. We asked Jet Li if he had ever met the Four Dragons, or even stayed at a four seasons, but he abruptly chopped us in the windpipe and mumbled:

" The arid sands of Silithus are shifting. Something is awakening beyond the wall to the south... Aid the Druids of the Cenarion Circle as they delve into the mysteries of the desert. Seek answers behind the Twilight Hammer's presence. Discover more about the alien creatures known as the Silithid as you explore their hives. Many new endeavors await the high-level adventurer! " 

You can read the entire World of Warcraft 1.8 Patch Notes at The Official Site.
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