Gods And Heroes Delayed

Posted Thu, Oct 20, 2005 by Boomjack

Rome is rising, just not on schedule.
Perpetual Entertainment has announced that Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising has been delayed. The publisher has not yet been announced and is being referred to as TBA (to be announced). Our attempts to contact Romulus as he influenced both Gods and Heroes and the other Perpetual title, Star Trek Online, but his minions merely shuffled us towards Hades stating:

"As promised we are bringing you an update – albeit a tad late – regarding the state of the project and our projected dates. The development team has been very busy expanding the world and finalizing key features of the game. At the rate with which we are building the world so much is changing so fast and this has greatly limited the amount of information we have been able to give to the community.

The main questions I want to address today are the dates. Many of you have noticed the incorrect dates in our FAQ, which have admittedly come and gone in most cases. We are currently working with our publisher (TBA) on determining the appropriate timing for launching Gods and Heroes. Because these discussions are still ongoing we will not be shipping this calendar year, which allows us to make the game bigger and better. Also, over the next few months we will be making an official announcement regarding our new publisher, launching the new website, giving you new screenshots, new movies, and other exciting information on the game.

The other thing we need to update is our beta date. We are currently looking at a mid-to-late November time frame for our first external testing. This is not a traditional “beta test,” per se, but rather our first opportunity to start letting members of our community see what we have and where we’re going. The purpose of this test will be to start gathering feedback on the game’s systems and start to putting some additional load on our servers. This testing will help us prepare for when we move into the traditional beta test. Our current plan is to have registration for testing sometime this month. We will post more information about what we will require for you to be part of this test, however you can expect the major factors affecting participation will include machine speed, video card, connection to the internet, and involvement in the community. " 

You can read the entire Gods and Heroes Delay Announcement at the Official Site.
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