Auto Assault Preview at Gamer's Addiction

Posted Thu, Oct 20, 2005 by Ethec

Nissans and tactical nukes!

New fansite Gamer's Addiction jots down their first impressions on the vehicular shoot-'em-up MMO we know as Auto Assault. If you ever wanted to be Steve McQueen in that Bullitt monumental car chase scene (with some additional devious weaponry, of course), you'll want to pick up this game next spring, basically. Yea, I agree with GA, it's a man's game, as long as you're not prone to carsickness or vertigo!

Now, MY personal favorite part of the game (aside from the death, destruction and other chaos) is the MUSIC! WOW! The sound engine in the game is PHENOMENAL! It really puts you in the drivers seat and makes you feel like you're there. And to top it off, the background music is great driving music - definitely something to destroy the world to!

Overall, in my opinion, Auto Assault has hit the world square on the nose. You get destruction, interaction, cool music, hot chicks in little clothing, and Great cars that shoot guns. What more could a guy ask for? I mean, come on! I doubt they'll start delivering beer door to door during the game.....or will they?

The Auto Assault preview at Gamer's Addiction.

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