LotRO Celebrates International Talk Like A Pirate Day

For one day a year, LotRO gives players the opportunity to help a group of shipwrecked sailors recover their booty for pirate-themed rewards.

LotRO Celebrates International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Avast, mateys! It be a special day in Middle-earth. A ship be sunk in the murky waters of the Brandywine river, and her cargo be spillt upon the shores. Head to the foot of the Brandywine Bridge, on the Buckland side, and find ye the camp of stragglers - First Mate Argirion and Quartermaster Mindambeth be their names - and pick up the quest from these scurvy dogs.

First Mate & Quartermaster

They send ye up the river to Evendim, across from Barad Tharsir and a little north, to the wreck where the ship has run aground.

the grounded ship

Cap'n Aranhir beseeches ye to gather up his cram and ale from yon beaches and port it back to his first mate. Follow the shore and gather up what barrels and crates ye comes across. They be scattered clear down to the southernmost reaches of the Brandywine, on both shores of the river.


Whence ye return the plunder to the First Mate, ye may trade the spoils to the Quartermaster to exchange for pirate-themed headgear. These items be slightly different than the items bought in the LotRO Store - the hats lack the gold trim along the edge of the brim. Dyes applied to the hats change the color of the headscarves at the back.

barter items

Should ye perchance come across a Waterlogged Locker, rare treasures are your'n for the takin'!

rare loot

This be a one-day only event, taking place on the 19th of September every year in celebration of International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Be sure to catch it today, unless ye be a landlubber. YAARRGH!

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