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TTH Profiles Guild Wars

Posted Mon, Oct 24, 2005 by Ethec

Guild Wars, hammered.

Part review, part synopsis, the TTH crew takes a candid look at a subscription-free success story. NCSoft re-entered the Massively Multiplayer scene in early 2005 via a young upstart developer called, and Guild Wars was set to face off with two established persistant-world heavyweights.

It turns out that Guild Wars was unique enough to carve a stable niche for itself, but are 20 levels enough to keep players from turning their attention to the next big thing?

"New players notice a few things about Guild Wars right off the bat. First comes the choice of "player vs. environment" (PvE) or "player vs. player" (PvP) - a theme that pervades the game as races to develop and balance the game for the heavily segmented player base. In any case, with PvE you'll start at level 1 and explore, equip, and adventure your way to level 20, choosing your own unique blend of primary and secondary subclass (more on this in a moment) along the way.

Under the PvP ruleset, you'll start at level 20, with a decently-developed primary / secondary skillset and the ability to equip a baseline set of equipment (you can later utilize equipment and templates "unlocked" through previous PvP successes- unlocked equipment is tied to the account, so players don't lose it when they delete a PvP character). PvP and PvE both have the ability to change the size and a few of the appearance attributes of their character and color of their starter armor."

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