EQ2 Expansion Review at Gamespot

Posted Mon, Oct 24, 2005 by Ethec

And another!

Gamespot digs EverQuest 2's new desert turf, but is disheartened by incomplete PvP implementation and content exclusively designed for high-level players. Of course, to complain about the latter means you'll have to put yourself at loggerheads with every MMO expansion ever made.

Desert of Flames has the most to offer EverQuest II players of advanced level, but the new PvP trappings and the combat revamp mean that there's something new to see for just about anyone. The player-versus-player combat still doesn't feel like a fully realized diversion just yet, but the act of exploring Ro and getting your character to level 60 should nicely fill the time you don't use waiting around for an arena game, provided you're of a high enough level to actually do those things. Existing players who are nearing the level of expansion country should check out Desert of Flames, and if you've let your account sit fallow for a bit, the changes to the combat system are worth sampling.

Read all about EverQuest 2: Desert of Flames (again) at Gamespot.

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