Horizon Dev Q&A at GamersInfo

Posted Tue, Oct 25, 2005 by Ethec

Raw meat and potatoes.

GamersInfo sits down with Rick Simmons, Chief Technology Officer for Horizons: Empire of Istaria. We learn that Rick prefers to eat "animal flesh whole" from teenage work experience in an abattoir (/shudder) and that Horizons might just find a competitive niche as a smaller MMO.

I think the current environment favors the smaller product. When raising money, your chances of success are higher to pitch a niche product with 10k to 20k subscribers that has a low-cost product development design and a marketing approach that builds upon a tight community. Compare that to making a pitch where you're trying to raise money to compete for the same customer as some of the bigger names. Besides requiring a great design and a big development budget, an ultra superb $$$$ marketing effort is also required. I do think that each unique product to the market attracts new players, but there is still some shifting of players between products - everyone wants to try what's new. All of the big players in the MMP space are not going to stand idle while some new-comer tries to corner in on their space.

Read more from Horizons CTO Rick Simmons interview.

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