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Posted Mon, Oct 31, 2005 by Ethec

Mixing it up, Auto Assault-style

NetDevil recently went back to the drawing board, pushing the release date of futuristic vehicular destruction MMO Auto Assault, and found out part of the reason why. It seems NetDevil's focus has shifted toward creating a more varied and interesting experience for players, in part accomplished by removing repetitive quests and giving the game's large adventuring areas their own tactical "feel."

So what is going to happen to these areas? The design lead will say that the theme of an area is “X.” For example, one of the mutant area’s themes is a swamp area, another is underground. The underground area has an entirely different feel than an open highway and requires different tactics. NetDevil is also trying to improve storylines; for example, Pikes and Scavs are both infantry classes, but were both very much the same. Now, though, Pikes feel more like miners; some of them are mining in camps, while others carry around dangerous explosives. The Pikes are willing to suicide, blowing themselves up as long as they take you (and surrounding buildings) with them. Scavangers are very different; they are all about survival and would never suicide like the Pikes.

View the preview of Auto Assault from Austin Games Conference.

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