"Boy Wonder" Interview

Posted Wed, Nov 30, 2005 by LadySirse

Adam Ghetti, 19, has big ideas for MMOs with his toddler developing
company, Rapid Reality.

Ghetti and his co-founder and father, Marc Ghetti, plan to produce MMOs in
six to eight months! OGaming
tells all in Scott Steinberg's article "Independence Day: Rapid Reality
Co-Founder Adam Ghetti Declares War on Mainstream MMOs."

Like many adolescents, 19 year-old Adam Ghetti’s a creature
of contradiction. The one thing we can’t wrap our heads around, though:
As co-founder and senior creative director of Atlanta-based MMO development
start-up Rapid Reality, LLC, he’s got this whole industry thing a bit
After all, whereas contemporaries at larger outfits like Blizzard and NCSoft
prefer to do it big, Ghetti and his cohorts – including head software
architect Rick Wells and partner/father Marc Ghetti – think small…
real small. In keeping with this philosophy, they formed a privately funded
company of 37 people 2 ½ years ago with one single goal: Produce high-quality
MMOs in ludicrously short (6 to 8-month) development cycles. And, for that
matter, market and sell access to these titles for one flat – and shockingly
reasonable – monthly fee via wholly-owned online portal

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