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Posted Wed, Dec 07, 2005 by Awenyddion

Gamespot has a Hands-On Preview of Auto Assault today. Find out what they have to say about Character Creation, Opening Levels and Graphics.

The entire character-creation system has been revamped since we last saw it, and now it looks as though it's close to final. The system gives you plenty of control to tweak your character's appearance, and you can adjust your body style, the scale or size of your character, his or her skin color, as well as their primary and secondary color. Then there are various hair styles, hair colors, accessories (such as helmets and mouth pieces), and more that you can select. After that, though, you can tweak your vehicle's colors and paint scheme, as well as choose from an assortment of wheel rims.

If you're a post apocalyptic, run things over with your Hummer fan, visit our Auto Assault Fan-site!


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