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The Other Side of the Test Patch

Updated Wed, Dec 16, 2009 by Taea

by: Taea

The latest patch to the Test server has everyone in a frenzy. Attribute improvements, Armor changes, new Hybrid races and more have players crunching numbers and working to figure out the perfect set up for their characters. Tabula Rasa isn’t all about the mechanics of the game, however. A few important changes have been made to keep the aesthetics fresh, and the roleplaying fun. Take a look at these highlights, now on Test, that will be coming to a Live server near you.

Hide Helmet: Players now have the option to hide the helm they are wearing, letting their pretty pink ponytails shine through. Now those appearance choices you make at character selection will mean so much more. All that’s needed is a Salon where current characters can go back and change their appearance choices.

Hide or Show Your Helmet

New Female Hair Styles: When flipping through the different hair styles you want to show out in the world, notice these 2 new choices the women will have. The first is perky pigtails, and the second is a Katie Holmes wanna-be. Who’s to say celebrities can’t be Receptives too?

New Male Hair Styles: The men won’t be left out in the cold. The Barber’s skill has grown, and 2 new haircut choices are on the menu. A messy but flattened choice leads the pack, followed by the brushed straight up Wolverine. Stylish!

Relaxing Emotes: A hard days work of killing Bane and taking names leaves a soldier a little worn out. Pull up a sandbag and /sitdown for a spell. Better yet, Find a nice open field and /liedown. Now this is the life!

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