Mythic Q&A Series at GamerGod

Posted Tue, Dec 13, 2005 by Ethec

All of these Mythic interviews, and nothing on Warhammer! /sigh
GamerGod speaks with the Community Relations folks at Mythic. What ensues is a whole lot of background info on Mythic and some mythifying comments on PvP in other games...

Jeff: It seems like, Worlds of Warcraft for example, they put PvP in, but the best way to do it Mythic has already done so they end up reinventing the wheel so to speak. In my opinion, and I shouldn’t comment on WoW, I don’t mean to catch you that way-

Sanya: But that game was not designed as a PvP game from the ground up. That was designed as a PvE game that they added PvP to as a separate system. With ours the whole game was designed from the beginning to be about RvR. When you try to add anything on after the fact, it is always going to be, well not awkward but it won’t be as seamless.
They do what they do very well, and I think we do what we do very well.

Check out part I of the Mythic interview series at GamerGod.
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