Happy Hour And Auto Assault

Posted Thu, Dec 15, 2005 by LadySirse

Happy Hour With NCsoft!
And it wouldn't be happy hour without Auto Assault! Wait, why wasn't I invited?
Oh, well... Sounds like GamerGod
had a grand time!

We had the distinct pleasure of attending the 2nd edition of the Roadhouse
Happy Hour, hosted by NCsoft’s Valerie "Pann" Massey, the
Auto Assault Community Coordinator. In attendance were several members of
the press and Content Leads from the NetDevil offices, Adam “Snipehunter”
Maxwell (Mutant), Chris “Ombwah” Holtorf (Human) and Hal “maRaider”
Hanlin (Biomek).
As we joined them on Margarita Monday, they appeared in a very decent mood
and quite full of humor. The topics of the day were centered on two themes:
How did the apocalypse begin and what would bring a player to side with a
particular faction?. Little time was wasted as they launched into a tumultuous
rendition of history from each perspective. They all agreed on the beginning
and little else following. They told us that humanity had been living contentedly
on earth prior to the meteor shower, which was not a meteor shower at all,
but in fact pieces of alien space craft coming apart around the earth.

Major props to Pann! She's my home girl!


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