Hair Raising Hybrids!

by: Tony "RadarX" Jones / Taea

by: Tony "RadarX" Jones / Taea

Many have been waiting with anticipation for an update to the Test sever which promised attribute changes, bug fixes and much more. One of the most exciting additions with Patch 1.4 was the hybrid races allowing players to bring a little more flavor to their playstyle. While information about them has been a closely guarded secret (we know because we've been asking) now that they are available on Test, we at Ten Ton Hammer hopped in to find out what we could. We were fortunate enough to run into a player named Carnage who managed to get all 3 hybrid types made despite the server outage.

Each of the hybrids which are Brann, Forean, and Thrax are unlocked through missions available in Concordia Divide, Torden Mires, and Crucible. After their completion players have the option of selecting the new race during character creation. Carnage was able to provide us some base stats at level 50 which shows that players will have more options when customizing their classes.

Forean Hybrid 59 Body
157 Mind
108 Spirit
+10 Virulent Resist
-10 Laser Resist
Brann Hybrid 59 Body
59 Mind
206 Spirit
+10 Lightning Resist
-10 Physical Resist
Thrax Hybrid 157 Body
59 Mind
108 Spirit
+10 Sonic Resist
-10 Fire Resist


As you can see, the stats on each class are just a redistribution but enough where a hybrid could make a difference when it came to being something like a Guardian or a Medic. Carnage also noted that once you have completed these missions, the option to create them is available for all characters belonging to that last name. Below are some screenshots of the Brann, Forean, and Thrax hybrids in that order:

We hope you've enjoyed our look at the new hybrid races coming to a live server near you! Keep checking back at Ten Ton Hammer for more information and be sure to stop by our forums to join in the discussion.



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