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Valverde Plateau Overview

Posted Tue, Jan 22, 2008 by RadarX

It's time to leave the scenic Volcanoes and jagged rocks of Areaki behind! Valverde Plateau marks the return of players to the more hospitable Foreas and puts them in the thick of huge battlefield. Ten Ton Hammer has your your overview of this area providing descriptions and Logos locations.

Situated on the Valverde continent, the Plateau is an area whose landscape bares the scars of heated conflict between Bane and Allied Free Sentient forces. This is the first visit from players to this side of Foreas and to introduce a few new enemies with numerous old ones. Plateau can be reached via the same wormhole used in the trip to Torden Plains from Concordia Divide although travel before level 30 isn't recommended.

Read on for more about this interesting zone in our guide and be sure to stop by our forums to discuss this and other Tabula Rasa news.


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