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Q: Is the game completely PvP?
While there are servers for PvP combat anywhere within the game, for the PvE (Player versus Environment) servers, PvP will be available only in the Border Kingdom, Siege play (in the Border Kingdom and defending and attacking world cities), arenas and PvP mini-games. You can also choose to not participate in PvP at all if that’s your preference.

Q: Do PvP encounters also use the Real Combat mechanics?
Yes. Although there may be certain limitations to prevent exploits.

Q: Are there any penalties for killing someone much weaker in PvP combat?
On the PvP servers, yes. There are four tiers of levels. 1-20; 20-40; 40-60 and 60-80. If you kill someone a certain level lower than you, you will build up murder points and go from being labeled one of three things. Innocent---Criminal---Murderer.

Q: What is the Notoriety System?
This is a new PvP system that will soon be available on the live servers. The system works by building up murder point when players kill other players that might be considered a trivial challenge to them. When you commit these acts you will go through three different phases and they are as follows.

  • Innocent - No one can perform hostile actions on you without being flagged as a Criminal.
  • Criminal - Performing a hostile action on an Innocent player will flag you as a Criminal for 5 minutes. Any further Criminal acts during the 5 minute time will refresh your Criminal Status. Killing Criminal Players will not cause you to gain murder points.
  • Murderer - Players who have attacked and killed innocent players enough times to generate 100 or more points will be flagged as Murderers. Killing lower level players (outside your XP range) will result in a larger penalty towards the murderer limit. If you are flagged as a murderer you also have a chance of dropping an item if killed by another player. Murderers will also be attacked on sight by city guards making it impossible for them to return to the civilized world. There are however Shady Camps for murderers to congregate to and even redeem themselves.



Q: How can I become innocent again if I am labeled a murderer?
There are several ways to reduce your murder points, but it will take time. Here are a few of the ways to reclaim your innocence.

  • Speak with a Redeemer in the new Shady Camp and work on Redemption quests.
  • Kill enemy NPC's. The current rate is 1% experience from these will remove 1 murder point.
  • For every real time hour that passes your murder points will be reduced by 1.
  • Dying in PvP will reduce your murder point total by 3.


Q: What is the Border Kingdom?
This is a region within the game where guilds can build their own keeps. Guilds will be able to combat each other in this area to siege the land and keeps built by other guilds.

Q: What are battlekeeps?
Players can build battlekeeps in the Border Kingdom. These are structures that are owned by their guild. Since there are only a few places battlekeeps can be built, other guilds may want to take them away from their owner or destroy them entirely.

Q: Can other guilds attack a keep or tower when no one is online to defend it?
There is a vulnerability window that is set to determine when the attacking guild can attack. They first have to set up a war tent outside the targeted keep, to warn the defending party that they plan to attack. This gives the defending party time to ensure they have enough people available to defend the structure.

Q: What are the rewards for PvP combat?
There is a PvP ranking system. There is also PvP equipment. There are a total of 10 PvP levels, which are separate from adventuring levels. You can also gain access to a battlekeep in the PvP-only Border Kingdoms.

Q: How do you progress in PvP?
There are currently 10 PvP levels set to go in with Update #3. As you kill other players, you gain PvP experience. When you get killed in a PvP battle, you can lose some of this experience. With each level you will gain the ability to wear certain PvP gear.

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