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Q: I thought Age of Conan was a Massively Multiplayer Game. What’s all this talk about a single player game?
While Age of Conan is, at the core, a Massively Multiplayer Online Game, it does contain a single player element as well. The single player portion of the game is only available at the beginning of the game through the first few levels. The single player game creates a unique experience for players to start off the game. As the player gains levels, they become introduced to Massively Multiplayer areas of the game gradually, and eventually play the rest of the game in the Massively Multiplayer world.  More single player elements are available in Tortage through the storyline quests.

Q: How does the single player game segue into the massively multiplayer game?
For the first hour or so of a new character’s game life, the game is completely single player. During that experience you’ll eventually come to the town of Tortage, which has other players in it. While spending time in Tortage, you can sleep at an inn to switch “modes” between night and day. If you’re playing during the day in game time, you will be playing the multiplayer mode of the game. If you play during the night in game time, it is a single player experience. You can switch modes at any time by sleeping at the inn. Once you reach level twenty, you can leave Tortage and play in the rest of the world of Hyboria, which is completely massively multiplayer.

Q: Do I have to log on to play the single player game?
While a portion of the game is single-player, you still need to connect to the internet and log on to the Age of Conan servers in order to play.

Q: Can I skip the beginning and single-player part of the game entirely?
No you cannot at this time. You can, however, still communicate with friends who are in the Massively Multiplayer portion of the game and the beginning single player part can be played through rather quickly after your first character.
Q: How long is the single-player game?
The single-player portion of the game is only for the first hour (approximately levels 1 - 6) or so before you reach Tortage, and begin your first contact with other players. Tortage has both multiplayer and single-player options, and you can leave Tortage at level 20 to join the completely multiplayer game.

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