Rumor: World of Warcraft Mobile Is In Development

Posted Fri, Jan 25, 2008 by Aelryn

How does WoW on your iPhone sound?

Pocket Gamer is reporting on a rumor from the Mobile Games Forum show that World of Warcraft could soon be coming to a mobile platform, in some capacity. Here's what they had to say:

But... at the networking drinks of the Mobile Games Forum show this week, several people from other mobile publishers and developers told Pocket Gamer they'd heard Vivendi is definitely working on World of Warcraft Mobile.

Now that is idle gossip. But also yesterday, we had a chance to get the official line, when Vivendi Games Mobile boss Paul Maglione was sitting in the audience for one of the panel sessions at MGF, and was asked directly about mobile World of Warcraft.

"Mobile aspects will become part of all MMOs," he replied, with a distinct smile on his face.

Now, we're not excitable enough to regard that as a public confirmation. But putting two and two together, it seems clear Vivendi and/or Blizzard are doing something mobile with WoW, even if it's just experiments to see how it could work.

Read more at Pocket Gamer, and the join the forum discussion.

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