World of Warcraft Cooking Comes to the Real World

Posted Mon, Jan 28, 2008 by Aelryn

Don't try the Delicious Cave Mold.

Ever wondered what a Curiously Tasty Omelet actually tastes like? Now you can try that and over 60 other World of Warcraft-inspired recipes thanks to the new "Original and Strictly Unofficial World of Warcraft Cookbook," by The Tauren Chef.

The Original and Strictly Unofficial World of Warcraft Cookbook, by The Tauren Chef, brings over 60 World of Warcraft Recipes into the real world of the WoW player’s kitchen and dinner table. Dishes such as Goblin Deviled Clams and Beer Basted Boar Ribs are no longer just for the electronic characters.

The author, Guinevere, states that “The World of Warcraft Cookbook contains over 60 recipes, ingredient substitutions (since items such as "murloc arms" are difficult to find in most stores,) photographs, and complete step by step instructions for cooks of all levels.”

Another important point is that the photos in the WoW cookbook are those of the real dishes as they come out of the oven. Guinevere says that cookbook and magazine photos are very carefully prepared, glued, glazed, and look great, but are no longer food that anyone would want to eat. That’s not the case here. This means that the beginning chef can cook these dishes and have them look right, the first time.

Learn more about this new cookbook at Webwire and then discuss it in the forums.

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