Tabula Rasa: Fort Haroun Guide Pt. 2

Give 'em hell in Haroun!

Give 'em hell in Haroun!

Ten Ton Hammer continues it's guide to Tabula Rasa's Fort Haroun by taking you on a journey through the Bane infested Torden Mires. As one of the few respites in the zone you'll not only want to become familiar with this base but take advantage of numerous missions available to you. Grab all the intel you need right here.

Fort Haroun is a slightly smaller but well fortified command post just south of where you enter from Torden Incline and will provide all the necessities required to get along in the zone. Interestingly enough it will also be one of the largest mission hubs you'll find in the zone, providing a number of objectives for you to complete. Haroun can be reached by heading straight south of the Incline entrance until you see a path over a lava lake. If a Strider squashes you, you've gone too far west. This is part 2 of our mission series in this zone.

What are you waiting for, soldier?! AFS forces near Fort Haroun need your help. Get your briefing at Ten Ton Hammer's Tabula Rasa community site.

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