Tabula Rasa: Guide to Ft. Defiance, Pt. 1

Fortify your defiance against the Bane!

Fortify your defiance against the Bane!

Situated deep inside a mountain, Fort Defiance is a testament to the human demand for security and low light environments. Join us for Part 1 of this series on Tabula Rasa's main base in the Valverde Plateau, and learn all you need to know about the missions available there. Leave your claustrophobia behind (it's a big cave), and check out our guide for more information.

Returning from the volatile environments of Areaki, players will find quite a geographic change in Tabula Rasa's Valverde Plateau. The thick forests and rivers of the Wilderness have melted into a rugged grasslands torn apart by the struggle of Allied Free Setinent and Bane forces. At the center of the conflict in this zone is a number of Eloh artifacts of unspeakable power.

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