Mythos: Interview with Marsh Lefler

Posted Wed, Jan 30, 2008 by Aelryn

Silk is the new denim.

Mythos Guru recently interviewed Marsh Lefler, a programmer for Flagship Studios.

MythosGuru: What all, exactly, do you do for Flagship Seattle?

Marsh Lefler: Well most of the time I show up in my silk robe, and sit with everybody on the deck. We chatter a bit about politics, family, movies before moving onto more important matters – Mythos. After a few hours of banter and surfing the forums we discuss implementations for the game, such as crafting, bosses, third zone, PVP, quests and so on. We split up the tasks and we do what we can. My specialty is programming. Currently I’m helping to design the crafting system and implement PVP. After that I’m moving onto new types of quests.

In the past I’ve written quests, created bosses, helped design monsters, made new classes and stayed away from programming our UI system as much as possible.

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