GameSpot Q&A: Pirates of the Burning Sea

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You don't interview pirates-- you interrogate them!

GameSpot sat down with the Pirates of the Burning Sea designer Kevin Maginn to chat about what's going on at Flying Lab lately.

For all those who've dreamed of being a pirate--sailing the seven seas, following treasure maps, jumping on tables while swordfighting, and plundering a sloop--their dreams came true in January. Well, virtually, anyway.

Pirates of the Burning Sea is, not unexpectedly, a pirate-themed massively multiplayer online role-playing game set in the Caribbean in the 18th century. Gamers can choose between being a pirate, a naval officer, a privateer (a kind of legal pirate), or a free trader. From that point forward, before you can even say "ahoy there," it's a mixture of sailing, battles at sea, swashbuckling, and land-based exploration.

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