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    Clan of Conan is Funcom's newsletter for all things Conan. You can sign up here to begin receiving the Clan of Conan newsletters in your in-box. If you've missed some previous articles, you can find them online at the links below.

    Issue 1 (link)
    Feature: Your First Steps in Age of Conan
    Location: Tortage
    Bestiary: Great Ape & Sabertooth
    Developer Profile: Ole Herbjørensen
    Screenshots: The Island of Tortage
    Wallpaper: Tortage
    Community Site of the Month: By Mitra

    Issue 2 (link)
    Feature: The Conall's Valley Conflict
    Location: Conall's Valley
    Bestiary: The Vanir & the Wolves
    Developer Profile: Heidi Schmidt
    Video: Conall's Valley
    Screenshots: Conall's Valley
    Wallpaper: Conall's Valley
    Community Site of the Month: AoC Gamona

    Issue 3 (link)
    Feature:  Creating Your Own Character
    Location:  Khopshef Province
    Bestiary:  The Hyena and the Scorpions
    Developer Profile:  Thomas Wollbekk
    Video:  Developer Diaries
    Screenshots:  Khopshef Province
    Wallpaper:  Khopshef Province
    Community Site of the Month:  AoC Informer

    Issue 4 (link)
    Feature:  Introducing Conan to DirectX 10
    Location: Field of the Dead
    Bestiary: Specter Chieftain and Werewolf
    Developer Profile: Didrik Tollefsen
    Video:  DirectX 10 Teaser Video; Field of the Dead
    Screenshots:  DirectX 10 Screenshots; Field of the Dead
    Wallpaper: Field of the Dead
    Community Site of the Month:

    Issue 5 (link)
    Feature: The Race of the Stygians
    Location: Khemi
    Bestiary: The Camel and the Python
    Developer Profile: Jason Stone
    Video: Khemi
    Screenshots: Khemi
    Wallpaper: Khemi
    Community Site of the Month:

    Issue 6 (link)
    Feature: The Race of Cimmerians
    Location: Eiglophian Mountains
    Bestiary: Yakhmar & Savage Cannibals
    Developer Profile: Mats Remman
    Video: Eiglophian Mountains
    Screenshots: Eiglophian Mountains
    Wallpaper: Eiglophian Mountains
    Community Site of the Month:

    Issue 7 (link)
    Feature: The Race of Aquilonians
    Location: Wild Lands of Zelata
    Bestiary: The Dark Beasts and the Grols
    Developer Profile: Haluk Diriker
    Video: Wild Lands of Zelata
    Screenshots: Wild Lands of Zelata
    Wallpaper: Wild Lands of Zelata
    Community Site of the Month: and

    Issue 8 (link)
    Feature: Weapons and Armor
    Location: The Frost Swamp
    Bestiary: The Flesh Eater & Frostcrawler
    Developer Profile: Morten Sørlie
    Video: The Frost Swamp
    Screenshots: The Frost Swamp
    Wallpaper: The Frost Swamp
    Community Site of the Month:

    Issue 9 (link)
    Feature: Ranged Combat
    Location: Atzel's Approach
    Bestiary: Vistrix and the Mammoth
    Developer Profile: Ørjan Mathis Tvedt
    Video: Atzel's Approach
    Screenshots: Atzel's Approach & Ranged Combat
    Wallpaper: Atzel's Approach
    Community Site of the Month: Italian AleterEgo MMORPG

    Issue 10 (link)
    Feature: Player-vs-Player Siege Warfare
    Location: The Purple Lotus Swamp
    Bestiary: War Mammoth and Killer Rhino
    People: The Darfari
    Developer Profile: Joel Bylos
    Video: Player-vs-Player Siege Warfare
    Screenshots: Player-vs-Player Siege Warfare
    Wallpaper: The Purple Lotus Swamp
    Community Site of the Month: Hyborian Codex

    Issue 11 (link)
    Feature: Character Development
    Location: Black Ring Citadel
    Bestiary: Yarekma and Extorant
    Developer Profile: Elliot Kingdon
    Video: Black Ring Citadel
    Screenshots: Black Ring Citadel
    Wallpaper: Black Ring Citadel
    Community Site of the Month: Onlinewleten's Age of Conan

    Issue 12 (link)
    Feature: Mounted Combat in Detail
    Location: Sanctum of the Burning Souls
    Bestiary: Blackblad & the Blood Defiler
    Developer Profile: Tomasz Przechodski
    Video: Sanctum of the Burning Souls
    Screenshots: Sanctum of the Burning Souls
    Wallpaper: Sanctum of the Burning Souls
    Community Site of the Month: La Scriba Stygiano

    Issue 13 (link)
    Feature: Crafting & Economy in AoC
    Location: The Border Ranges
    Bestiary: Balicious Shadow and Corrupted Bear
    Developer Profile: Sigbjørn "Siggy" Galåen
    Video: The Border Ranges
    Screenshots: The Border Ranges
    Wallpaper: The Border Ranges
    Community Site of the Month: Ten Ton Hammer

    Issue 14 (link)
    Feature: Pocket Travel Guide
    Location: The Onyx Chamber
    Bestiary: The Scaleskins and Vengeful Mummy
    Developer Profile: Helene Johnsen
    Video: The Onyx Chamber
    Screenshots: The Onyx Chamber
    Wallpaper: The Onyx Chamber
    Community Site of the Month: In

    Issue 15 (link)
    This issue of Clan of Conan simply contained information about pre-orders, the Collector's Edition and bonuses.

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