PotBS - Interview with John Tynes at GameCloud

Posted Fri, Jan 06, 2006 by Awenyddion

Holy Pirates Batman! These guys are seriously ramping up their coverage lately. This is definately good news for a game that has been mired in development crap for the last few years. GameCloud has an interview with John Tynes, Lead Designer and Writer for Flying Labs.

Gamecloud - First, we have to ask you how the current beta test is coming along?

John Tynes - At our website you’ll find a new devlog from our QA manager, Misha, on that very topic! We have a couple dozen players in there doing several sessions a week and it’s going very well. They’ve helped us identify some firewall issues we didn’t know about and have been giving us great feedback on gameplay. They’re also having a lot of fun enjoying both missions and PvP battles. It’s a real blast for us, too, to just log in and hang out with some actual players in our game!

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