WoW Weapon Guide Updated

Posted Thu, Feb 14, 2008 by Ethec

The weapons make the warrior...

Perhaps you thought your World of Warcraft warrior was stuck with the big hammer he was born holding, or that your mage couldn't equip a sword in the tradition of a certain white wizard of yore. I did, until a kindly soul introduced me to the local weapon master, and unwittingly prompted the idea for the guide set before you know.

While weaponry is more crucial for front-line melee'ers, just about any class can benefit from an understanding of the attribute boosts provided by weapons and other equipment; something discussed later in this article.

+To Hit Bonus - Some weapons and armor have +to hit bonuses. This number
effects your base chance to hit your enemy. Against an enemy that is the
same level as you are you have a base 5% chance to miss with melee and
4% with spells, assuming that you have maxed weapon skill for that
level. By raising the to hit ability you can reduce your chance to miss
down to 0% for melee and ranged and 1% chance to miss with spells.

See the updated WoW weapons guide at World of Warcraft - Ten Ton Hammer.

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