Auto Assault NDA Lifted

Posted Thu, Jan 12, 2006 by Awenyddion

This just in from the desk of the lovely Pann, the Auto Assault NDA has been lifted. I repeat, it HAS been lifted. Therefore all of those juicy little details that you've been holding back just waiting to tell somebody can finally come out! It also means that you're going to get a whole lot of goodies on our Auto Assault TTH site. So, enjoy the ride and have fun talking about it!

The Auto Assault team is pleased to announce that on Tuesday, January 10, the Non-Disclosure Agreement was lifted. Members of the beta community and the gaming press are now permitted to publicly discuss their experiences in the Auto Assault beta test, as well as take and publish their own screenshots and videos. Those who have been awaiting the opportunity to publish beta diaries on their sites or write follow-ups to previously published previews are free to do so.

Producer Steve Snow also revealed the plans for the loot bonus that will be granted to players who have purchased the Auto Assault preorder package. In a post on the official message boards, Snow wrote, “The way the bonus works is it increases a creature’s chance to drop enhanced items from one to five percent of the creature’s base chance, so if you’re fighting a boss and it has an 80% chance to drop enhanced items, when your character gets credit for the kill the boss will have an 84% chance to drop enhanced items. For infantry that has only 1% chance to drop enhanced loot, the loot bonus will make that chance 2%. All of this is provided your character has looting rights to the creature when it dies. This will show up in the game as a medal on your character. The loot bonus is applied to your Auto Assault account, so every character created on a pre-order account will have the loot bonus. This is in addition to the unique retailer weapons that improve alongside your character.” You can read the entire post at

Coinciding with the lifting of the NDA and the preorder loot bonus announcement, will be giving away six thousand serial codes that will grant the gaming community the opportunity to participate in a special beta weekend event that starts Friday, January 13, at 4 pm Eastern time and ends Sunday, January 16, at 3 am Eastern time. In preparation for the assigning of the keys, the client and download instructions have been made available on the event page here:,1024,428656218,20060111....

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