TenTonHammer Guide to Stratholme

By Byron Mudry -

Once again TenTonHammer brings you a new instance guide. This time a complete guide the Stratholme instance in the north of the Eastern Plaguelands. The guide contains all the tactics and information you need for 5 man or raid groups, a complete map of the instance and all the high end loot information you need!


Stratholme is located along the northern edge of the eastern plague lands. The nearest flight point for both factions is Light's Hope Chapel. Stratholme itself is usually referred to by the two possible entrances that you can take to it. They are the scarlet and undead sides. While both are connected inside the instance, players generally do one "side" or the other, not both. To enter the Scarlet side you just follow the path and road signs to Stratholme and enter though the main gates. To enter the undead side you follow the road to just before entering the plague woods and turn north, there is a gate entrance along the mountains.
You can view the complete guide here.
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