EQ2's Expansion Factions De-Mystified

Posted Fri, Jan 27, 2006 by Ethec

Travel advisaries for the greater Maj'Dul area...

Among the citizens of Maj'Dul, the turbulent city at the heart of EverQuest 2's last retail expansion, live three factons warring for control of the city. Players can enter the fray by choosing allegiance to one of them. RadarX expounds on the Maj'Dul city guide by explaining how faction works and what the benefits are.

Within the city of Maj'Dul lies three factions: Truth, Coin, and Blades. Each of these factions wrestle for dominance, and exercises control over certain sections of town. The Court of Blades is the local militant force which guards the city against threats (similar to the Freeport Militia for you EQ1 Players). The Court of Truth represents local law enforcement and they appreciate you not littering. Finally, the Court of Coin represent the mercantile and banking interests of the city.

It's like a CIA Factbook entry, except for gamers... and stuff. Read the updated EverQuest 2 factions guide at our very own EQ2 community site.


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