Level Cap Increase: Good or Bad?

SWTOR is faced with a problem that has affected many other MMOs before it: is a level cap increase going to be good for the game? Find out with our pros-and-cons list!

Level Cap Increase - Good or Bad?

BioWare's revelations at E3 this year included some interesting tidbits about the future of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Slated for sometime later this year, players will be introduced to the new planet, Mekab. Mekab is supposed to be pretty big with a vast story and, according to our Interview with James Ohlen, it is "for end-game." And with a vast new endgame planet comes a level cap increase.

No official numbers have been released yet, but the raised cap is causing a fair amount of discussion in-game and on various message boards. A number of critics have spoken against the announcement, while a number of confused players don't understand why getting new content might be seen as a bad thing.

The question must be asked, then: is a level cap increase good or bad? To answer this question fairly, we made a PRO and CON list, in our SWTORHUB article, Level Cap Increase: Good or Bad?

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