SWTOR Lore: Bounty Hunters and the Fett Legacy

Posted Thu, Jul 05, 2012 by gunky

SWTOR Lore: Bounty Hunters and the Fett Legacy

Let's be real here for a moment. Bounty Hunters in Star Wars: The Old Republic shouldn't be awesome. They're hired goons who lack the discipline required to be a soldier and the chutzpah required to be a true mercenary. At best, they are rogue agents of "justice," working outside the system they never fit into. At worst they are murderous, sleazebag thugs and contract killers. The Sith have the power of the Dark Side, which gives them the authority to be bloodthirsty conquerors. Bounty hunters are just scumbags with guns.

However, Bounty hunters in the Star Wars universe are inherently cool. They've showed up everywhere - in tabletop RPGs, comic books, toys, video games, and basically all the venues one normally finds runaway "cult" icons. Bounty hunters are popular enough that they have been the main focus of two video games: Star Wars: Bounty Hunter and Star Wars: 1313, which previewed at E3 2012.

And the reason bounty hunters are as cool as they are is because of one character who managed to be more of a badass than the story's principle antagonist, despite (or perhaps because of) having only six total lines of dialogue, very limited screentime, and dying a decidedly unheroic death in the third act. Boba Fett has been a fan favorite ever since the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special, where he first appeared in cartoon form, and the legacy of his dark, brooding charisma continues to this day.

But how did it all come about? What is it about this character that inspires so much awe? Find out with SWTOR Lore: Bounty Hunters and the Fett Legacy!


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