Shields Make Good Surfboards

By Byron Mudry -

Take a look at the newest addition to our Ten Ten Hammer Warrior Guide! A new end game content article, very helpful for Warriors of all specs! It is a look and comparison of what equipment is best used in end game instances and how effective a shield really is in the hands of a non-Main Tank. Read the full article right here!

I have been playing my Warrior Memnok ever since the game has come out. He has spent I would say, well over 5000 gold on new armour, weapons, talent builds and enchants ever since he has hit level 60... thats a lot of gold. The problem that myself and that almost ALL other Warriors in the Old World have, is that "What happens when you aren't the Main Tank of your guild?". The answer is disliked, but clear, you aren't worth the copper on a penny. We spend an incredible amount on our equipment (we are the most equipment needy of ALL the classes) to try and achieve the same level of playing ability as the MT's, but we never quite reach it.
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