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First Level 80 Spotted in Guild Wars 2

Posted Tue, Aug 28, 2012 by gunky

Over the course of the head-start weekend given to Guild Wars 2 players who pre-ordered the game, a player from the French guild War Legend reached the level cap by crafting, using materials donated by his guild members.

The player, whose character is named Surfeuze, played the game normally up to level 60. The final 20 levels were gained by crafting. This is according to a statement made by the War Legends Webteam:

Due to some rumors about an “all craft levelling” plus Mike O’Brien’s message about “abnormal leveling” on reddit, most people seem to think that the achievement isn’t legit, so we’d like you, if possible, to explain that the fisrt 60 levels were done in “classical” PvE and without any “exploit bug” or “cheat”. Only the lasts 20 levels used crafting, we didn’t use WvW either.

ArenaNet has investigated the claim, after suspicions that Surfeuze was one of many players using an unnamed leveling exploit, and has confirmed that the achievement is legitimate, done without exploits. They even congratulated him for it.

Source: MMOCulture

First to 80 and will be the first to whine about content next. I just don't get it anymore what's the hurry seriously? No way in heck you enjoyed anything on the way there. Commence golfclap

@ OneEyeRed This isn't wow, you complete fucking idiot. If you knew how this game differed you wouldn't be talking about 'endgame' The whole game is endgame content. You sound like one of those little cunts that is seriously jealous of things like this and has to try and lower others accomplishments, even in a video game, so they feel better about themselves. Please shut the fuck up.

I was playing this game since last year. My main objective is to loot some materials to craft. I’m not focusing on things like leveling.

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