WoW's Patch 5.0.4 Release Notes Now Available

Posted Wed, Aug 29, 2012 by gunky

World of Warcraft's final pre-Mists of Pandaria content patch has gone live, introducing a new World Event (Attack on Theramore Isle) and a host of fairly significant changes to existing systems. Some noteworthy examples:

  • the majority of earnable Achievements, pets and mounts will be made account-wide instead of per-character.
  • area-effect looting, which has been around for a while in other games, makes its debut.
  • the slot for relics, ranged and thrown weapons has been removed. Ranged weapons have had their damage output increased and their minimum range removed to compensate.
  • a new talent tree system
  • all characters now take 40% less damage from other players

A number of players have been experiencing difficulties downloading the patch and difficulties logging into the game after patching due to server congestion. Reception to the patch has been mixed.


The removal of the ranged weapon slot was sheer stupidity. Who thought of that? Now, as a warrior, I have to switch weapons in the middle of the fight. As a hunter I have to do the same thing. That's dumber than hell. In addition, all the ranged weapons that I was carrying in my bags and in the bank are gone!!!! I earned those damned things and I want them back. Many were drops that I went after on purpose and won. Blizzard geniuses aren't.

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